This website acts as a scenario comparison viewer for redevelopment projects that are currently proposed in the area of Wynford Drive and Concorde Place, in Toronto, Canada.
3D scenario scenes were created using Esri technologies, and charts were generated using Chart.js.


This project was created as part of a Research and Development project within Esri Canada's Education and Research department. All information shown here was derived from publicly available data about each development proposal. Due to ongoing development updates in the area, the data displayed here should not be taken as authoritative information, and should only be used for as an example of integrating Esri technologies for scenario comparison purposes.

Data was obtained from the following sources:

Technologies used in this website are:

For more information, contact Esri Canada's Education and Research Group.

Research project created by David Kossowsky and Kendra Munn.

Special thanks to Michael Luubert for assistance with the Javascript viewer and CityEngine roads data.